He'll Save Every One Of Us

A dashing, blond hero, an evil Fu Manchu-esque villain, a super-foxy Italian bombshell named Princess Aura and a soundtrack by Queen, one of the best bands in all of history. Add all these things up and you get only one thing: Flash Gordon! This 1980 live-action comic book of a film virtually leaps off the screen, rips your eyeballs out and runs down the street with them. From the majestically grandiose theme music by Freddie Mercury and the gang to the psychedelic soap opera plot, this film is an iconic thing. It has been tattooed on our generation's brain with a candy-colored laser beam, never to be removed. Plus, I believe that the shimmering gold-clad Princess Aura ushered many a boy into an early puberty. If you have never seen this film, then shame on you. If you have, like so many of us, seen it 100 times, then you already know the secret of its power. Whichever category you fall into, there is no such thing as seeing Flash Gordon "too many times." Check it out midnight Friday and Saturday (go both nights) at Landmark's Inwood Theatre, W. Lovers Lane at Inwood Road. Call 214-764-9106.
Sept. 14-15


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