Ride the dragon
Ride the dragon

Holy Crap! Look at this 300-Foot-Long Dragon Boat at The Chinese Lantern Festival.

Texans flipped for last year's Chinese Lantern Festival, which occupied Fair Park's lagoon after the midway's close and into the New Year. Well, great news: Not only is the festival back for 2013, but it's developed 17 new scenes -- making 24 total -- and one of the recently constructed is this totally pimped-out Imperial Dragon Boat. It's 300 feet from snout to tail, is of presumed dragon ancestry, and -- here's the coolest part -- YOU CAN CLIMB ABOARD IT.

Yep, you'll be the moth to its illuminating glow, but do not attempt to commandeer the vessel: maritime law frowns on that.

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The 2013 installment's theme is "Light a New Dream", and they promise a return of your favorite characters from last year, like that Burt Reynolds-posing panda.


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