HOMECOMING! Wages an Art GIF Battle, Wants Warriors

HOMECOMING! Wages an Art GIF Battle, Wants Warriors

GIF by Shebuscus


, Fort Worth's most playful art collective, is staging an online arena. There, artists will do combat via the ancient art (1987) of manipulated looped stills.

They've begun accepting submissions for GIF THE FUCK OUT, the group's first animated GIF competition, which further narrows its mission, post-colon: "GIF THE FUCK OUT: Subversion and Story, the analysis of semiotic language in the context of postmodern perception and archetypal tribalism of the digital realm."

So pick your topics and designs well. HOMECOMING! invites everyone to enter, but only a limited number of submissions will survive the long, shaky march into battle.

You've got until April 1 to GIF yourself. Get how-to tips and scope out the talent pool at the show's event page.

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