House of Plates Throws the Best Parties

I just had a party flashback.

Remember the sweaty bash House of Plates threw last summer at the F.O.E.? Of course you do. All of Dallas was there doing Jell-o shots, playing beach volleyball against a team of Cold War Rocky-style ringers, and watching as models paraded around in adorable vintage outfits. Then, we all made out. That was a great day.

Man, remember that party House of Plates threw at the Motorcycle Clubhouse with Warby Parker last winter? Of course you do. I took a picture with you in the photo booth immediately after you arm wrestled a hard-scrabbled Harley enthusiast, chugged jungle punch and drunk shopped your way through a tricked-out school bus. Then, we all made out. That was a great night.

So, are you going to that House of Plates party this Saturday? The one co-sponsored by Hari Mari, your favorite flip flop company? Of course you are: You're a reasonable, thinking human. The Factory Show features a runway filled with looks by Ten Over Six and Original Octane, music by Catamaran and DJ Chriis, an open bar and a strong likelihood of us all making out, again. Plates and Hari Mari take over 2625 Main Street from 8 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, a perfect excuse to dodge the way-too-fratty Cinco de melee happening everywhere else. RSVP here or be sad.

It's free.

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