How to Survive Dry January in Dallas

Did that headline convince you? Hope so.

If you are one of the few and the proud who are participating in Dry January, you are officially 12 days in and, like, only 1000 more to go. Well, at least that’s what it feels like. Because not drinking for an entire month is hard, we don’t care who you are.

If you are clueless or just drunk right now (lucky you), Dry January is a campaign run by Alcohol Concern, where you cut out drinking for 31 days. If you sign up, you donate the money you would have spent on booze to the nonprofit. Think No Shave November but, like, a lot harder.

We don’t want you to be alone in this difficult journey. Here are some fun things to do to help you take your mind off that frozen margarita with salt in a cozy Tex-Mex restaurant. Dammit.

iFly Indoor Skydiving
This is a fun thing to do if you crave the thrill of skydiving but are scared of actual skydiving. iFly, located in Frisco, is where you get inside a vertical wind tunnel and feel like you’re freefalling like you would while skydiving. So if you like adventure right from the comforts of Frisco, Texas, then go for it. Head to their website to book a flight.

Adrift Float Spa
Because you’re already cleansing your body of those delicious horrible toxins, or something, that come with alcohol, go ahead and just cleanse your mind and soul, too. Adrift Float Spa is essentially sensory deprivation, where you float inside a tank of water and salt and many times hallucinate.

Ice Skating at the Galleria
You get the same feelings from ice skating as you do from drinking, so really this one is a no-brainer. You get on the ice and wobble around and get really dizzy from skating in circles and then you get mad because there are too many people in your way and then you’re so worn out from all of it that you just eat a shit ton of calories afterward. Skip drinking and go ice skating. You’re welcome.

Thrift Shopping
Try here or here or even here. There’s a ton of thrift and vintage shopping in Dallas and you don’t need alcohol for it to be exciting! Are you convinced yet? If thrift shopping gets old, then just go to IKEA and get lost in the maze of cheap build-it-yourself furniture with a hot dog in your hand. That sounds just as nice.

The Wild Detectives
When you meet your friends at the bar, it can be difficult to stop yourself from ordering a cocktail. But at a place like Wild Detectives, coffee isn't just on the menu, it's a large part of the menu. Or if you're flying solo, there are plenty of books to keep you company. 

Hey, you know what's even more rewarding than going an entire month without drinking? Doing something to help those in need. Whether you enjoy animals (Operation Kindness) or children (Jonathan's Place) or the homeless (SoupMobile), there are a million and one places to volunteer in Dallas.
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