Hunker Down for Hubble

It's one of Hollywood's lesser-known rules: The spacewalking astronaut out repairing the satellite always gets it. Could be aliens, could be little visor-shattering space rocks. It never works out well. Good news, then, for the brave stars of Hubble IMAX 3D, who repair the notoriously finicky space telescope without incident, letting us in on some of the most stunning pictures ever taken of the universe we live in. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (Tom Hanks must be pissed), the year-old film is the seventh project from the IMAX space production team that's been wowing us land-dwellers for decades, documenting the final shuttle mission to the telescope. The true space geeks who grew up daydreaming about a trip to space after IMAX films at the museum, it's a bittersweet bookend to The Dream is Alive, which heralded the thrilling new possibilities of space shuttle travel back in 1985. Next month, the Space Shuttle Atlantis--the same one featured in this film--will take off on NASA's final shuttle mission. The 43-minute film plays--in two dimensions only--at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Omni Theater, 1600 Gendy St. Tickets are $7. Call 817-255-9300 or visit for showtimes.
Starts: June 27. Daily, 2011


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