Ice, Ice Baby

While the freakish amounts of powder that recently fell over North Texas speaks dissonance to claims of global warming, there's not much refuting the melting glaciers. Whether you side with Al Gore or just think it's part of earth's natural cycle, Texas artist Darios Robleto has something to say about it. Robelto saw the receding glaciers firsthand in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, and has included his findings in Robleto's Human/Nature exhibition, which will be one of the topics in the Fluid Frontier symposium at the University of North Texas. The symposium will focus on the water concerns both locally and globally, and features eco-performance works by digital artists EcoArtTech. Robleto presents the symposium's keynote address 7 p.m. Thursday in the UNT Art Building. For more information, visit or call 940-565-4316.
March 4-5, 2010


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