If You're in Dallas Saturday Afternoon, Meet Artist Liz Glynn

If You're in Dallas Saturday Afternoon, Meet Artist Liz Glynn
Nasher 360 Speaker Series

The Nasher Sculpture Center gets a lot of things right. Jeremy Strick runs a tight artistic ship, with impressive exhibitions and thought-provoking programming. One of the most underrated programs is the 360 Speaker Series, which gives the microphone to world-renowned artists across a variety of disciplines. On Saturday at 2 p.m. this series turns its attention to LA-based installation sculptor, Liz Glynn.

The young artist conflates an interest in found objects with her own creative resources, making constructions like an arrangement of 122 blue-and-white cracked china plates that are actually made from papier-mâché. Or similarly using the papier-mâché to build a battering ram, anchor and furniture, in some semblance of a shipwreck. Glynn did this for an exhibition at the Paula Cooper gallery earlier this year. And at the Frieze Art Fair, she built an underground speakeasy that brought her a lot of attention.

Her work is crazy cool and though it's not scheduled to be displayed in Dallas anytime soon, she's bringing her ideas to the city this weekend as part of the 360 Speaker Series. Her talk comes free with admission to the Sculpture Center. It starts at 2 p.m. More information is available at nashersculpturecenter.org.

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