I'm On A Boat

It’s effing hot with no sign of relief in sight. You should be at the damn lake. Oh, you don’t have a boat, you say? You’re in luck. Enjoy the luxury of air conditioning at Dallas Market Hall (2200 N. Stemmons Freeway) Thursday through Sunday and peruse some of the finest bodies (of boats, that is) on the market. Nearly 100 vendors, 20 North Texas boat dealers and more than 450 boats and watercraft will be on hand for your viewing and purchasing pleasure at the 2013 DFW Boat Expo. Don’t let budgetary restrictions halt your fantasies: Slather on that coconut oil, step onto your dream boat and close your eyes for the ultimate dream of vicarious living — if only for a moment. Tickets cost $6 for children, $12 for adults; get ’em at the door. Daily hours and additional information are at dallasboatexpo.com.
July 18-21, 2013


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