Indigo Folk Is The Least Complicated

Throughout their 25 years in the business, The Indigo Girls have become so identified with the lesbian music scene that one may tend to overlook the actual music. But several chart hits and a Grammy Award later, they are still churning out their distinctive brand of modern folk-rock with no signs of slowing down. Their acoustically driven sound and dual female vocals make them instantly recognizable in a world of modern pop-techno and fake metal. The Indigo Girls' sound is an island of refuge in the cluttered aural tsunami of the prevailing popular music scene. The Girls have not, however, been content to just coast along in their safe little "folk-boat." On the contrary, they have made some brave and exciting career choices over the years. In 1994 they both appeared in a revival of everybody's favorite religious rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, playing none other than Jesus and Mary Magdalene. That is pretty awesome from where I'm standing. They also made a brief but charming appearance in the 2006 crossword puzzle documentary, Wordplay, where they stated that they knew they had finally "made it" because they were a clue in a Sunday puzzle. The Indigo Girls still have all the wit and talent that made them great. Check them out Friday at the House Of Blues. Doors at 8 p.m., show at 9 p.m. Visit for tickets and details.
Fri., May 28, 2010


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