Insert “Dick Dudgeon Joke” Here

We all know George Bernard Shaw. And we most def recognize that ol’ GBS has written some of the most well-known plays on earth. But even his earliest, most unassuming work is solid. Like The Devil’s Disciple, a story that takes place during the American Revolution when the Brits march from town to town hanging traitors. It’s also a story of mistaken identity between Dick Dudgeon, a troublemakin’ ne’er-do-well, and a Calvinist. As the play unfolds, the lines of good and evil are blurred. And if that dun-dun-dun style cliffhanger doesn’t get you to the show, perhaps the high tea served during intermission will. Check out The Devil’s Disciple at 3 p.m. Sunday at Pantagleize Theatre, 1115 West Rio Grande Ave., Fort Worth. Tickets are $19 and are on sale now at If you’re wondering if they give a discount to KERA members, the answer is “you bet your sweet public broadcast-loving ass they do.”
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 17. Continues through Feb. 3, 2013


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