Invaders from Taos

Word on the street is that Taos, New Mexico, is coming to Dallas. Folks, this is not good. If you thought thousands of New Orleans evacuees descending upon the big D was awkward, wait until thousands of Taosians lug their mountains, snow and frat-boy ski clubs into our fair city. Really, where the heck will the mountains fit? We nominate Plano: Clear-cut the town and turn it into a ski resor...excuse us. We've just received clarification—Taos Comes to Dallas is actually the name of a special art gallery presentation that transplants the best pieces from 15 Taos galleries to Artists' Showplace Gallery, 15615 Coit Road. The 6:30 p.m. reception features the artists responsible for this authentic Southwest art, so expect cultured, civilized discourse about the vibrant paintings and photographs...not drunken frat boys in white hats and long johns.
Jan. 1-31


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