It's a Different Sort of Pop Rock

Top three rocker dads? Easy: Bono, Slash and Mick Jagger. Unless we count dressing up as Gene Simmons for Halloween or being a world-class steering wheel thumb-drummer, my dad is out of the running (sorry, Pops). While being a father is a full-time job, it's important to remember to put down the sippy cups, take a break from Pee Wee football, plug in a microphone and rock out. Luckily, dads across Texas have a chance to flex their power chords and wailing riffs as they unleash their inner rockers. Chevrolet's Battle of the Dad Bands will let four dad bands crank it up to 11 and battle it out for the top title Saturday in front of a massive crowd at the Chevrolet Truck Row Stage at the Texas State Fair. Check out for your favorite band, be it an alternative duo, blues soloist, rock, electronic or country band. The winner gets invited to attend a taping of the Texas Music Scene and an opportunity to record a song for the show's broadcast. Who'll end up the coolest dad band on the block? Will it be Dallas' own Marfalites?
Sat., Oct. 16, 2010


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