It’s Frosty The Snow Hill!

It’s time for some holiday fun pro tips, people: Six Flags Over Texas is badass in the winter (note: the term “winter” is used very loosely). Why? We’ll give a few reasons, actually. Because yes, both classic, underrated, creepily be-mannequined mine-train rides (Mini and Runaway) are open, as well as the Conquistador, Judge Roy Scream and Superman: Tower of Power — plus, you can walk around drinking hot chocolate and get all up on a Frosty Snow Hill. Yeah, that’s right, you can experience snow on select days between Thanksgiving and January 6. Can your own city’s weather promise that? Can Pete Effing Delkus? Hell no. But Six Flags can. Thus, baller. Also? ALSO? Tickets online are way cheaper ($34.99 to $42.99) than at the gate ($42.99 to $59.99) so be smart and buy them in advance. Grab a SantaLand Pass ($12.99) for VIP access to Santa’s photo line and more, but again, it’s online only. Visit Now, go out there, and make us proud.
Dec. 17-22, 2012


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