It's Good to Be the King

Getting cast in Elvis Lives!, the touring homage to the Big E, is not easy (think Highlander for stage impersonators). The worldwide auditions lured in more than 500,000 would-be hip-swivellers in the last five years alone. Once the tribute artists are assessed and whittled down, those remaining Kings of Kings are pitted against one another in Memphis. The top picked get the blue suede shoes and license to tour. Fans will be pleased to know that all Elvis food groups will be properly represented when EL! takes over the Majestic Theater on Friday night. Expect to see Leather Elvis, Vegas Elvis, Young Suit Elvis and gold lam Elvis. (I think they leave Clambake Elvis out, but that's forgivable.) So whether you lust for the early model or have a fetish for the stickier, sweatier, snarlier after-market edition, Elvis Lives! promises to deliver. The Majestic Theater is located at 1925 Elm St. Tickets range $39.50 to $59.50; get 'em at
Fri., Jan. 20, 8 p.m., 2012


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