It's International Book Day. The Wild Detectives Is Handing Out Roses.

A few recommended reads for National Book Day.
A few recommended reads for National Book Day.
Courtesy Wild Detectives

There are a lot of holidays in the world. Yesterday not only marked Earth Day, but also National Girl Scout's Day and Administrative Professionals' Day. But today, April 23, is one for the books. Literally.

It's a tradition with origins in Catalunya, and was created to commemorate the death of both Shakespeare and Cervantes. The tradition, we are told by Andrés de la Casa-Huertas, the brand director at The Wild Detectives, is to give your loved one both a book and a rose. And to celebrate the day the indie bookstore in Oak Cliff is passing out roses to everyone who buys a book today.

As if that weren't enough of an excuse to head West and buy some books, they are also collaborating with Pandora's Box on a poetry reading tonight featuring Cyrus Cassells. Oh, and to top it all off, we're nearing the end of National Poetry Month. April may not be the cruellest month after all.

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