Jeezy Goodness

We really don't care where someone might screen Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic. Probably because we have no soul—after all, we laughed our little tootsies off at Silverman’s offensive quips about pregnant black teenagers, porn stars being filled with penises and Jewish people driving German cars. As far as our black hearts are concerned, you could screen this 2005 standup concert gem at a daycare center, a Southern Baptist church or the local Chuck E. Cheese and we'd be fine with it. Some folks might disagree with us, though. Particularly the folks at Cadillac and 107.5 The Oasis, who sponsor Magnolia at the Modern, a series that screens independent films at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Do these companies really want to be associated with a film that advocates "coming all over her face" as a birth control method or tells the elderly, in song, that they're going to die soon? Perhaps the local smooth jazz station and expensive car dealership are trying really hard to reach that tough-to-crack 18-to-25-year-old bracket...but we doubt it.
Jan. 20-22


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