John Leguizamo: Shape-Shifting Ghetto Klown

John Leguizamo, by all scientific standards, is only one man but you suspect otherwise during his stage shows. Is he channeling dark magic? Is he demolishing the laws of physics by existing in multiplicity? How the hell does that guy become so many characters so quickly? “That's the thing about my show that I think is special,” said Leguizamo to the shape-shifting allegations, “people come up to me and say that they don't see me anymore during the show, they say I disappear.” And vanish he does. In Leguizamo's new one-man show Ghetto Klown, he reenacts the most exciting, controversial and hilarious pinpoints of his career by assuming the roles of everyone he's worked with. Nobody's safe: Al Pacino, Patrick Swayze and Sean Penn are just a few of his victims, and when Leguizamo mimics Pacino's trademark “Whoo-ah!,” you'll nervously peek around looking for Al himself. “It's the power of imagination and suggestion,” said Leguizamo “if you control those then you can transport people.” Let John take you on a one-man tour of Hollywood when Ghetto Klown touches down at the Magestic Theatre for a three-day stay; Thursday through Sunday. Tickets range $38.90 to $75.00; get them at
Feb. 16-18, 2012


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