Killing Hate

Many of you probably know the story of Matthew Shepard, the young gay man severely beaten and fatally wounded by two thugs near Laramie, Wyoming, in the fall of 1998. Often described as a hate crime, the notorious murder prompted nationwide debate on hate crimes legislation, with then President Clinton calling for Congress to extend hate crime laws to include protection for gays and lesbians. (Since no such law was on the books at the state or federal level at the time of Shepard's murder, his attackers were never charged with a hate crime, despite evidence that Shepard was targeted because of his sexuality.) Eight years later, Congress still hasn't answered the call—each time a bill has passed, the measures have been killed by right-wing conservatives in conference committees—though a vote on a new bill will likely occur later this year. Hear more at 11 a.m. Tuesday when Judy Shepard—Matthew's mother—visits Mountain View College, 4849 W. Illinois Ave., for a talk on hate crimes. Call 214-860-8685.
Tue., March 20, 11 a.m.


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