Kim Jong Lee

Though he's been doing standup for years, you may know Bobby Lee best from MADtv, where he plays Blind Kung Fu Master, Connie Chung, Kim Jong Il--and a few non-Asian characters as well. He may not be excited to be back in the Lone Star State, though. If it's not drunken Mexicans putting him in headlocks and calling him "chino," it's other Texans living up to the "everything is bigger" stereotype. "I hate Texas, because everyone refers to how small I am," he says in one routine. "'Hey there, little fella, how ya doing? Look honey, it's one of them Pokemons! Let's take him home and put him on our mantel!'" Put Lee in a headlock Friday through Sunday at the Addison Improv, 4980 Belt Line Road. Tickets ($20) and showtimes are at 972-404-8501 or
Fri., Nov. 27; Sat., Nov. 28; Sun., Nov. 29, 2009


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