Kwanzaa, Minus the Feds

This Kwaanza-fest event is decidedly more low-key than the annual John Wiley Price event at Fair Park, but that’s probably a good thing. It’s much better to celebrate family, community and culture without bumping into FBI agents at every turn. And so this quaint, but meaningful, little event in the Highland Hills Library at 3624 Simpson Stuart Road is a nice alternative for those of you who missed the JWP-endorsed event earlier this month. Kwaanza Festival emphasizes the importance of family and community, and that’s a sentiment folks from all cultural backgrounds will enjoy this holiday season. Following a three-day work shop for selected families, the public is welcome to view a theater production organized by Melody Bell that highlights the principles of Kwaanza, including umoja (unity), ujamaa (family) and kuumba (creativity through music and dance). Traditional African music and instruments will provide the backdrop for the festival, which starts at noon on Thursday. The event is free. Visit for more information.
Thu., Dec. 29, noon, 2011


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