Ladies' Man

Guys that are sculptors must get a lot of action. The creativity, the powerful hands, the clay-stained face and could anyone resist? If Patrick Swayze could get laid in Ghost for making a measly clay pot, Auguste Rodin must have gotten triple-dog laid for "The Thinker," and the unknown sculptor responsible for the Venus de Milo must have incited an orgy so crazy that he died in the process, leaving all the other participants so exhausted that they couldn't ever remember the name of the guy to blame for the armless beauty. Therefore, it's not really surprising that Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti found a few ladies to sculpt in his lifetime. The Women of Giacometti, which opens Saturday at the Nasher Sculpture Center, features some of these women or at least what they became after they were filtered through Giacometti's sexy, sexy head. The exhibit includes strange surrealist works like "Spoon Woman" and "Reclining Woman Who Dreams," along with more conventional busts of Giacometti's many muses. Saturday's opening features a lecture program devoted to Giacometti, including an appearance by a former friend and model—who may or may not have some very interesting stories to tell about Giaco's "process."
Jan. 14-April 9


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