Laughs for Satan

Like the heavy metal for which he has an unabashed dorky fondness, Brian Posehn's act is rabidly loved by a marginal niche fan base, even if the squarest, most boring, Dane Cook-loving mainstreamers are now throwing the devil horns. His latest record, 2010's Fart And Wiener Jokes, was even released on an indie metal label, Relapse. But Posehn is probably best known as the bald half of the gay stoner couple on The Sarah Silverman Program. "Just so you don't waste your time and my time, talking to me will not get Sarah Silverman to fuck you," he joked in one recent appearance to promote the album. "On the other hand, if you're thinking, 'I'd like to get high with a guy I've seen on TV, like in a parking lot behind this record store,' that is an achievable goal." But he admits that being a dad has softened him to an extent--like, he no longer hopes that a fan will punch his formerly hypothetical and now real child if his act is "pussified" by fatherhood. Find out if baby deserves a fist to the face Thursday and Friday at Hyena's in Mockingbird Station (or at the Fort Worth Hyena's Saturday). Visit for tickets ($7 to $17) and showtimes.
Thu., Jan. 27; Fri., Jan. 28, 2011


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