Once called Joel McHale’s kid brother (by me, I called him that just now), Daniel Tosh is Comedy Central’s current darling, and he’s coming to town to do a little stand-up. Now even though comedians aren’t traditionally handsome, this kid has the looks and the shit-eating grin that let’s you know he knows it. Oh yeah, and he’s pretty funny too. Plus he lets jackholes redeem themselves on his television show, Tosh.0, in a little segment called Web Redemption. Here’s a free tip from me to you — make a total ass out of yourself at his stand-up show, film it, become Internet famous then redeem yourself on his television show. See what I did there? It’s called fame whoring. Look into it. Better yet, just look into seeing Daniel Tosh performing at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, 1001 Performance Place, at 7 p.m Saturday, April 7, and again at 10:15 p.m. Tickets range from $39.75 to $59.75 and are available at
Sat., April 7, 2012


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