Let It Bleed

As distressing as it is that the Christmas season seems to arrive earlier with each passing year, the idea of Halloween creeping up annually makes us shiver with glee. Whereas the former is driven and distorted by greed, the latter (at least superficially) promotes creativity and a simple bit of fun. Seize the day at the witching hour on Saturday, as the Magnolia Theatre presents the bipolar Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez vampire flick From Dusk Till Dawn, with a discounted ticket price of $5.50 offered to those dressed like their fanged bloodsucker of choice.

So, yeah, it may not be fair that Goth kids have a predetermined advantage in the wardrobe department, but those who want to ruin all the damn fun while still getting in on the cheap can also present proof of a recent blood donation. All of this bloodlust is courtesy of the anticipated new comic book The Sword of Dracula, and--in addition to getting an early peek at the stark anime-inspired artwork and...er...revamped version of the Dracula mythology--corresponding trailers, trivia and prizes are in store.

Depending on whom you ask, 1996's From Dusk Till Dawn is either a unique, fresh take on a genre that's as difficult to vanquish as the central character, or it's a fractured, gory mess that's void of even primal enjoyment. Despite (or maybe because of) the varying opinions, it has achieved that mysterious status of "cult" and justly deserves its midnight time slot. From where we're sitting, any movie that showcases a Salma Hayek snake dance, a Tom Savini crotch gun and the very first glimpse of George Clooney being legitimately "bad-ass" avoids our critical stake. Judge for yourself this weekend, and at the very least there's a campy alternative to the increasingly blasé Rocky Horror retreads.


Suck it up Saturday night at the Magnolia Theatre, located at 3699 McKinney Ave. Tickets are $5.50 with the garb or plasma generosity, or $8 without. Call 214-520-0025.

One more thing: This won't get you a lower entrance fee, but special Observer style points to those who go for the "Scarborough Faire/puff 'n' frills" vamp look. That one's awesome.


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