Lust and Wallpaper

Explore your domestic kink at the Home & Garden Show. You know you are a shelter magazine junkie when Cottage Living is jostling Metropolitan Home for space on your coffee table, when Martha Stewart Living is competing with Architectural Digest in your bathroom and when you go to bookstores looking for the latest home decorating porn. You flip the pages lusting after that sensual sofa, this sexy four-poster, that erotic chaise. You get overheated just thinking about fringe. Let's face it, your house is never going to look like it belongs in a magazine, but there are other ways to get your fix besides drooling over glossy photos. The Dallas Home & Garden Show is one of those extravaganzas where hot tub suppliers battle for attention with rug manufacturers, where cooking demos compete with orchid growers. Lots of stuff you don't have and probably didn't know you wanted. Plus, it's got how-to workshops for the dedicated do-it-yourselfer. This year, one seminar features Michael Graves, "master faux finisher," which sounds pretty naughty but apparently has something to do with paint. Just remember, porn is all in the eye of the beholder. The Dallas Home & Garden Show takes place Friday through Sunday at Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Freeway at Wycliff Avenue. Tickets are $6.50 to $8.50. Visit
Sept. 8-10


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