MABI, Baby

TUE 3/9

Remember back in elementary school when you used to propagate a foul stew of cafeteria castoffs in the hopes of bribing or pressuring some unfortunate soul to dine on it? That nauseating mélange of pizza crust, corn, chocolate milk and (ideally) mashed potatoes became an unholy course fit only for the iron guts of G.G. Allin. But don't feel too bad, as you were obviously making an esoteric comment on race relations by mixing components into one. Food is food as people are people. Misunderstood and clever; that's you. Un Jung Lee, a Korean-born artist, has similarly seen the light with an exhibition called MABI (it's short for Made in America by Korean in Dallas) at Gallery_010 of Texas Woman's University. The reception is Tuesday at 4 p.m., so you can be one of the first to see her interpretation of cultural differences and human similarities through totemic imagery/materials and the conscious use of black-and-white. You know, like, "one color" in a Bono kind of way. This and other earth-shattering revelations are available throughout March in Gallery_010 on Bell Avenue in Denton. Call 940-898-2530. --Matt Hursh

Model Students
New set of fashion plates
SUN 3/7

You can always find young, tall, starved blondes on the runway, but how often do you see a high-fashion show featuring African-Americans? The 46th Annual Fashion Fair Color Splash, which features African-American women and men of all ages and sizes, comes to Dallas on March 7. The Links Inc.-sponsored event begins at 5 p.m. at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Past shows have featured extravagant numbers from everything from kimono styles to two-piece wraps. This season's traveling show displays colorful silk chiffon designs from Hanae Mori and Zang Toi and the brocade fabrics of Oscar de la Renta. Embroidered and denim designs of Christian Lacroix will also be on display. General seating is $20; reserved seating is $30. Each ticket includes a subscription to Ebony Magazine or Jet. Music Hall at Fair Park, 909 First Ave. Call 214-529-4956 or 972-709-7745.--Jenice Johnson

Soul Food
SAT 3/6

We are victims, tortured by foul-smelling vegetables, urged to choke down brussels sprouts as a child, haunted by the imminent fear of the deprivation of dessert. Our parents, passing the blame, exploited the phrase "Be thankful you even have food!" We still wonder what these vegetables--fed to the dog under the table--could actually do to affect the world. Taste of the Nation Mystery Chef Dinner fuses the fight to end world hunger with the enjoyment of fine cuisine from top chefs across the country. The benefit begins at 6 p.m. with cocktails and a lottery that matches chef teams with connoisseurs. Partake in an elegant and gratifying evening, knowing every bite you take provides nourishment for someone in need. Tickets are $250 per seat Saturday at The Wyndham Anatole Hotel, 2201 Stemmons Freeway. Visit or call 214-443-9300.--Danna Berger


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