A real man cooking
A real man cooking

Manly Morsels

Real men don't eat quiche. Real men don't cry. Real men don't ask for directions. Real men don't use clichés. We're clear on what "real men" don't do, but we have a bit less information on what bastions of manliness do do. Apparently, this is the fourth year that Real Men Cook.

At 3 p.m. on Father's Day--for the memory-deficient, that's Sunday--real men ranging from New York Giant Johnnie Harris to WFAA reporter Gary Reaves will kick off a major cook-off. And once tickets are in hand, all food and drink sampling is free. Sounds perfect for an outing with dads of the sports and food persuasions. Meet national and local celebrities, gorge upon the tasty concoctions of many a real man and spend some seriously fun family time.

Kids can dish with Dad or check out the Kids Interactive Experience Area that boasts arts, crafts, face painting, jumping bean bags and more. Parents can be excited that for once an event at Fair Park offers fare other than corn dogs, turkey legs, Frito chili pie and that insipid cotton candy. Real Men Cook is fun that both adults and small fries can appreciate, with options that aren't guaranteed to incite heartburn and that subsequent dreaded car ride home.


The Fourth Annual Real Men Cook Festival runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday at Fair Park in the Food and Fiber Pavilion. Admission is $20 for adults and $10 for children. Call 214-698-8290.

The festival offers pampering, real man style. Eating incredible food whilst rubbing elbows with NFL and NBA greats and helping out various charities sounds like a day that would make a dad feel his best inside and out. This Father's Day, charities receive much-needed funds and Pops gets that much-needed fun. So listen up, dads, it's time to get real.


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