Meet Miss Jones, Feminist Icon and Brat

With all the sassy little girl characters out there in the literary world, it boggles the mind to think that self-esteem is such a huge issue among young women. Some of these loveable heroines are borderline bratty, but none of them give a rat’s about what their peers, their doormen, their pugs or their teachers think about them. I’m talking about Olivia, Madeline, Elosie, Ramona, Pippi, Gilly Hopkins, Harriet … and of course, Miss Junie B. Jones. What they see as “irrepressible,” I call “grounded,” but you have to admire the Moxie of these little divas who take no prisoners and live each day to the very fullest. And for little girls surrounded by these heroines, it’s hard to imagine a world that you can’t just take by the balls and OWN. That’s a beautiful thing, and one best left unchallenged for the most part. All little girls (and boys, for that matter) deserve to think that way. So why not give them a little dose of free-spirited pluckiness at Junie B. Jones, a musical adaptation of the beloved books about a first-grade spitfire? Your little ones will be singing along with the empowered Miss Junie B. at 2:30 p.m. on January 22 at the Eisemann Center, 2351 Performance Drive. Tickets are $11 to $21 and may be purchased at
Sun., Jan. 22, 2:30 p.m., 2012


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