Mitt Romney is Selling "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts" Bracelets

Mitt Romney is Selling "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts" Bracelets

Every Texan's favorite high-school football drama has been an amusing subplot in the presidential campaign ever since Mitt Romney co-opted Friday Night Light's locker-room slogan: "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose." The show's creator didn't approve; the author of the book upon which the show based did.

And the Romney campaign? It's too busy shilling product to notice.

The campaign is now selling a three-bracelet set emblazoned with the show's slogan. It's unclear whether the campaign needs permission to use the phrase on a product, or whether it got it. The latter seems unlikely considering creator Pete Berg's reaction.

If the lawyers at NBC Universal need a template for their cease-and-desist, they can always ask the guys from Silversun Pickups, or countless other bands that have asked campaigns to stop violating their copyrights.


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