Modern Kunst

The end isn't nigh by a long shot. Not according to the 30-something German graphic artist wunderkind Ralf Ziervogel. He views our modern society—obsessed with sex and violence, bathed in designer labels and incessantly groping each other over invisible airwaves--as evolutionary progress. A sort of medieval hell on earth that has achieved asexual procreation (to be politically correct). Leave it to economically struggling post-Wall Germany to direct a tender searchlight on our Gucci-garbed gluttony. Ziervogel's huge walls of spontaneously unwinding graphic renderings of sadistic caricatures have mesmerized art lovers all over Europe and the U.S. His accompanying sculpture installations are dark-coated humor without the shtick. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth's Director's Council will have a FOCUS exhibition on several of Ziervogel's larger statements that should start many good conversations here Sunday through April 8. The museum is located at 3200 Darnell St. Call 817-738-9215 or visit
Feb. 4-April 8


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