Mogwai Not For Sale

There are just certain things you should never, I repeat NEVER, buy a kid for Christmas, a birthday, good grades or whatever other occasion you might buy a kid a gift for. Don't buy them a motorcycle (for obvious reasons), don't buy them a gun ( should know this) and don't buy them a weird little Furby-like creature from a boy and his grandfather in Chinatown. Not smart, people. If you do decide to buy the little adorable ball of fur with eyes, which are called Mogwai, then be prepared to follow a few rules. Keep them away from bright light, keep them away from water and do not feed them after midnight, unless you want some demon-looking creatures wreaking havoc on you and your home. I should also mention that when they do touch water, the creatures reproduce...rapidly. I really hope you don't have a pool. You can take my advice on all this, or you can witness the effects of breaking the rules this weekend, January 8 and 9, when the Inwood Theatre (5458 W. Lovers Lane) screens Gremlins. The warning begins at midnight on Friday and Saturday, so be sure to keep all snacks and water close to you and off the floor. Admission is $10. For more information, call 214-764-4218.
Fri., Jan. 8; Sat., Jan. 9, 2010


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