Monkey Business

There’s a reason why gorillas are the go-to costume for singing telegrams: They’re hilarious. That’s why this Saturday you can compete in an adventure foot race filled with clues, public transport, prizes AND gorillas. Yep. Fittingly titled Gorilla Race, the challenge pits teams of Dallas do-gooders against one another through riddles, time management, crosstown racing, dares and even the occasional dude in a monkey suit. Those employees dressed like zoo escapees are carrying prizes, but according to the race’s website you are not to “maul, tackle, jump on, or run them over.” But the $40 registration fee should get you some light tickling. He is dressed like a gorilla and you’re only human. Cash prizes are awarded for best time and group costumes. Each team needs at least two members but there is no limit how many you may have. Meet up is at 9:30 a.m. at the Hard Rock Cafe (2211 N. Houston St.) Register at
Sat., Sept. 29, 2012


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