Must Love Dragons

Every true fan has some grand adventure cooked up in their heads. A way to honor the thing they love most. Only a few dare to actually put that to paper and share it with the world. If your passions involve stories of fire-and-ice-breathing dragons, aliens who travel to Earth and mistake our insect empire for the dominant species, or werewolves versus vampires versus unsuccessful Republican presidential candidates, Helio-Con can help you get them off the ground. The annual speculative fiction festival gathers together aspiring fantasy, science-fiction and horror writers with artists and puts them in the same building as their professional counterparts. DC Comics illustrator Steve Erwin and “Atop the Fourth Wall” video blogger Lewis Lovhaug are just a couple examples of this year’s available tutors. The MCL Grand Theater is located at 100 North Charles St. in Lewisville. Tickets range $5 to $15. Visit
Sun., Jan. 26, 2014


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