Naughty Bits and Bytes

Maybe the gender-bending of Sheik and Zelda got you a little excited. Maybe you always wanted to see what Master Chief was packing under the armor. Maybe you wondered exactly what happened when Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man turned in for the night. If video games ever aroused your sexual curiosity, then it’s time to explore and check out Naughty Bits, the newest show by Viva Dallas Burlesque!, the largest burlesque show in Texas. Starting at 9 p.m. Friday at Lakewood Theater, 1825 Abrams Road, dancers like Vivienne Vermuth, Divertida Devotchka and Minxie Molotov, joined by the Viva Dallas Showgirls, will delve into the fleshier aspects of some iconic games. Among others, they’ll be featuring adaptations of Frogger, Mario Bros. and Mortal Kombat. Ever had a wet dream about Pyramid Head, the unhuman, giant knife-wielding, walking nightmare figure? Well, get ready to, because Silent Hill is also on the playbill. Call 214-232-4271 or email for more information. Tickets are available at
Fri., Sept. 6, 2013


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