No Bluff

The story behind One-Eyed Jacks is nearly as compelling as the actual film, and for a betrayal-and-revenge Western, that's saying something. The 1961 movie is the lone directorial effort of star Marlon Brando, who either fired Stanley Kubrick or took over after Kubrick quit to make Lolita, take your pick. The story could've come from any of several credited and uncredited sources, including Sam Peckinpah, Rod Serling, novelist Charles Neider and Brando himself. Usually such production woes make for an awful flick, but Jacks is considered a masterpiece. Dallas Cinemania will screen a 35mm Technicolor print 8 p.m. Thursday at Angelika Film Center, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane. Tickets are $10. Visit
Thu., April 23, 2009


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