No, Michael Stipe: I Feel “Fabulous”

You know who’s been partying like the world’s ending since WAY before it was trendy? S4 and the Rose Room. The action on Cedar Springs is always poppin’ off, and Friday — well, they’ve decided to ask the all-important question: “End of the world, or not: Wouldn’t you rather be dancing?” Quite true, quite true. S4 has billed its End of the World Party as an excuse to power dance until 4 a.m. and take breaks for the Rose Room’s “Epic theme shows.” Epic theme shows in the Gayborhood? Those are all of my favorite words. There’s no cover posted just yet, so tuck a foldy bill in your bra, or whatever area you tuck things. Visit for more information.
Fri., Dec. 21, 2012


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