Nobody Loves No One

Who would have ever guessed the son of a potato chip factory worker and a forklift driver would end up rolling around half-naked on a beach with supermodel Helena Christensen? Well, anyone who has ever laid eyes on that tall drink of water Chris Isaak would. Of course, this rock crooner is known for much more than the sexually suggestive music video for "Wicked Game." He's appeared on the fan favorite show Friends as a love interest of Lisa Kudrow, and even had his own television show, The Chris Isaak Show, on Showtime for a few seasons. His music has appeared in numerous movies, including Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. He even composed the theme song for the now nonexistent Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Now he's touring the nation with musician Kristina Train, and they'll be stopping off in Dallas this weekend to serenade us with a few songs they collaborated on. Chris Isaak and Kristina Train will perform this Sunday at the House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar St. For more information, call 214-978-2583 or visit
Sun., Aug. 9, 2009


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