Not So Hip

The history of Canadian rock is a strange and wonderful thing. Most people lump Canadian bands into the same dubious category that contains singing drummers and Foghat. There have, however, been a few shining stars in the otherwise pitch black sky of Canadian rock. The most famous and Canadian band is of course Rush. This pseudo-prog three piece has become a household name. But there is more to Canada than Rush. People forget about most of the greatest groups to spring from our strange neighbor up north. When was the last time someone brought up Chilliwack in casual conversation? Have you ever seen someone in a Helix t-shirt? We all know that "Lay it On The Line" by Triumph is one of the best songs of the '80s, but the radio pretends they never existed. Well, another forgotten Canadian group is coming to town this week, and it's about time to show Ontario that we still love them. See the Tragically Hip 8:30 p.m. Friday at the House of Blues. Tickets are $25 to $35. Do it for Loverboy! Visit
Fri., Oct. 19, 8:30 p.m., 2007


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