Old Gold

Lots of people enjoy Antiques Roadshow, but it's just too nerve-racking for me. An episode may have 10 heartwarming, diamond-in-the-rough stories, but it takes just one earnest senior citizen finding out that their precious Ming vase is actually an $18 Sears Roebuck reproduction to ruin my night. Luckily, there will be no camera crew or nationally broadcast humiliation at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center's Appraisal Fair on Saturday. Experts from Heritage Auction Galleries will be on hand to appraise your collectibles and antiques. They may not give you the news you want to hear, but at least there won't be a camera zooming in to capture your crumbling demeanor for the world to see. The "I Can't Believe It's Worth!" Appraisal Fair will be held at the Center's Zale Auditorium, 7900 Northaven Road in Dallas. Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. Call 214-739-2737 or visit jccdallas.org.
Sun., April 29, 12-4 p.m.


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