Outside The Lines

Even if some of the most important artists (and musicians and writers, while I'm at it) in history struggled with mental illness, the concept of "outsider art"--which broadly defined, can include self-taught and folk artists, but especially connotes the work of the disturbed--has always made me uneasy. For every person who genuinely admires the artistic efforts of an untrained amateur, there seems to be another who just wants to gawk at weird drawings or sculptures created by some crazy person. Helen Burkhart Mayfield's haunting ink drawings will appeal to both. Her work is shown along with ghostly tintype photographs by Robb Kendrick--a National Geographic photographer--in Revival, hanging through September 19 at the Webb Gallery, 209 W. Franklin St. in Waxahachie. Sunday's opening reception includes a homemade ice cream contest and DJ Rid. Call 972-938-8095 or visit webbartgallery.com for hours.
Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: Aug. 15. Continues through Sept. 19, 2010


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