Painting the Past

Today there are few living Holocaust survivors, but the emotional and personal impact of what they went through lives on in those loved ones that were closest to them. For DFW-based artists Julie Meetal and Veronique Jonas, their family's history takes form in artwork that illustrates the impact that the Holocaust has on their families, in both the past and the present. The Dallas Holocaust Museum and Center for Education and Tolerance hosts their work in an exhibition titled The Color of Memory: Art by Two Daughters of the Holocaust. Meetal's collection, Out of Ashes, features sculptures and paintings littered with symbols and dream-like figures that reflect her family's struggles during the Holocaust, as well as the struggles that all European Jews faced during WWII. Jonas' The Color of Memory, on the other hand, paints realistic renderings of the Jewish quarter of Rhodes, her family's home during this dark and turbulent era. Together, these artists show the Holocaust as it impacted both the history of a people and how it continues to impact people individually today. The Color of Memory runs through October 31 at the Dallas Holocaust Museum, 211 N. Record St. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for students and seniors. Call 214-747-2270 or visit for more information.
Sept. 9-Oct. 31, 2011


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