Past, Present And Future

Frankly, I've always thought Tiny Tim got undue applause. That "God bless us, every one" line brings out the "ah"s and teardrops but c'mon, people. The kid's from a good family. He was saying that stuff already; it just wasn't staged. I know it's cool he made it through another winter and all, but can't we give Scrooge some more props for, oh, I dunno, seeing ghosts, experiencing hell and not going crazy but, rather, turning the corner on being a stingy knob? He comes a long way in the Kids Who Care production of Dickens' beloved moral tale A Christmas Carol...and yeah, Tim perseveres through poverty and illness so, fine, give him a pat on the back too, while you're at it. Catch the Carol Thursday through Tuesday at Fort Worth Scott Theatre. Tickets are $12 to $18. Call 817-737-5437 or visit for showtimes and purchasing options.
Dec. 18-23, 2008


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