Pasty People, Unite!

What do you get when you bring more than 10,000 gamers together in Dallas? No, A-Kon was two months ago. You get the gaming behemoth that is QuakeCon 2012. QuakeCon, now 16 years young, invites gamers from across the world to spend four sleepless days gaming in the Big D. Yes, they’d likely do that anyway, but a change of locale and a little socialization never hurts. The convention hosts several competitive tournaments for large cash prizes, but also showcases what’s to come in gaming and computer technology. That isn’t QuakeCon’s biggest draw, however. Nerds flock to our city for the largest LAN party in the entire United States. (Stock up on inhalers, now.) And while QuakeCon is free, the LAN party is BYOC: Bring Your Own Computer (though rentals are available). QuakeCon 2012 is at the Hilton Anatole from Thursday through Sunday. The Anatole is located at 2201 North Stemmons Freeway. Visit
Thu., Aug. 2, 2012


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