Pearls And Wisdom, From A Tupelo Miss

There are two popular archetypes of the Southern women: polite marriage material and delightfully tacky diva. One of these is far more interesting than the other and I’ll give you a hint: The fun one doesn’t involve going to cotillion (at least not legitimately). Christy McBrayer seems like she may have crashed a cotillion or two in her day, and makes no bones about her seriously Southern upbringing just outside of Tupelo, Mississippi. She sends up her big-haired, menthol-smokin’, PBR-swillin’ friends and family, playing 10 strong-willed ladies who will make you laugh and wince equally. Her Redneck Greek Chorus gives McBrayer’s “Southern Fried Chickie” the soundtrack you’d expect — a little Hank Williams, a little Johnny Cash and a lotta pickin’. Check out this hilarious backwoods, down-home performance at Sons of Hermann Hall, 3414 Elm St., at 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday. Tickets are $45, and include a traditional Southern meal that really gives you the total Southern-fried experience. See for more.
Fri., Sept. 7, 2012


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