Picture Painters

Kirk Douglas might be fondly remembered for his turn as Vincent Van Gogh in 1956's Lust for Life, but it was co-star Anthony Quinn that took home the Oscar, winning a gold statue for his supporting turn as French painter Paul Gauguin. Luckily for us, a young Bob Dylan was more impressed by Quinn's portrayal of Inuk the Inuit in The Savage Innocents, but you do have to wonder how "The Mighty Quinn" would have turned out had it been about a French symbolist instead of an Eskimo (or if Dylan had been a Kirk Douglas fan, for that matter—"Come all without, come all within, You'll not see nothin' like Kirk choppin' his ear.") Lust for Life screens at sundown Monday at Gachet Coffee Lounge, 1804 Greenville Ave. Call 214-887-8095.
Mon., Aug. 21


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