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Years before Titanic, "The Governator" and, um, Beauty and the Beast, there was one strange and wonderful event that united James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. It was called The Terminator. Before this 1984 sci-fi masterpiece was released, Arnold had made a small name in such offerings as Pumping Iron and Conan the Barbarian, but The Terminator seemed like it was written especially for him. As the robotic killing machine sent from the future to mid-'80s Los Angeles, he strolls emotionless through the city, killing everybody in his way and barely uttering a line of dialogue. It's a role he was born to play. The Terminator turned out to be an extremely influential film and spawned two sequels which, depending on who you ask, are either better than the original or suck by comparison. The relatively low budget and freshness of the first Terminator still has that certain something about it that sticks in your mind long after the movie is over. That is the sign of a classic. Don't miss this rare chance to see Arnold utter his magical catchphrase "I'll be back" on the big screen, midnight Friday and Saturday at the Inwood Theater, 5458 W. Lovers Lane. Call 214-764-9106.
Sat., June 30, midnight; Sun., July 1, midnight


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