Pinky Up, Party Down

Her influence crossed party lines, and when Jordyn Ashley Newman died earlier this year, her absence was immediately felt across nightlife, art and creative circles. The dapper folks of local collective Caviar Club have decided to honor her in a fitting way, through an annual celebration of art, life and world-betterment called Under the Chandelier. The party you’ll be at on Saturday is a one-night-only group art exhibition, showcasing work by 18 talented locals whose tastes and practices run the style dial. It’s from 7 p.m. until midnight in collaboration with Deep Ellum 42 at 2650 B. Main St. DJs CJ DeMarx and Taylor Effin Cleveland will move you through the night, and 20 percent of sales will benefit Charity Water, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to developing regions, a cause that Jordyn was passionate about. Learn more about the beneficiary organization at and visit for event info.
Sat., July 27, 2013


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