Playing Footsie

Modern dance enthusiasts have launched a pretty impressive tradition here in Dallas, taking over the Bath House Cultural Center (521 E. Lawther Drive) every January for the last 12 years. That means if you haven’t made it over to the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival, you better get on the good foot and scoot over this weekend. What’s that? You HAVE been over there during the last two weeks? Well, first of all: You’re delightfully cultured! Second: Don’t worry, this weekend’s show is called All New Stuff for a reason. Each piece in this performance has been created expressly for this festival, so be prepared for original choreography from companies and artists including Brazos Dance Collective, Christine Bergeron, Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, Eyakkam Dance Company, Houston Metropolitan Dance Company and many more. All New Stuff kicks off at 8 p.m. Thursday with additional performances through Sunday. Tickets are $11. Visit
Jan. 24-27, 2013


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