Pole Prowlin'

I can't quite understand the timing here, but on Valentine's Day a local gentleman's club called the Lodge is offering a class on how to "strip for your lover." It would seem that if you actually had a lover, you'd prefer to spend the evening in a more romantic setting. Conversely, if you're single why would you want to spend the night learning how to strip for no one in particular? But my colleague Noah raised an interesting scenario—perhaps the lucky boyfriend sits at home watching TV with a bucket of chicken while his eager girlfriend sits in a room with complete strangers learning the demanding art of the lap dance. At the end of the class, she heads home, shows her rather fortunate boyfriend her new mad skills and is rewarded with cold chicken. Happy Valentine's, indeed. The aptly-named Le'Shelle Valentine, pictured on our cubicle wall, er, in the press release wearing a half-buttoned oxford clutching a stripper's pole, will be teaching the class. The Lodge is located at 10530 Spangler Road. Call 972-506-9229 or visit the-lodge.com.
Saturdays, 7 p.m.; Tue., Feb. 14, 2006


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